June 6, 2022

New breastfeeding support for parents

If you're enrolled in TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Select, your breastfeeding counseling options just expanded. Find out how certified lactation counselors and consultants can address your breastfeeding needs at www.tricare.mil/CBSD.

May 26, 2022

LTG Place Memorial Day Message 2022

LTG Place delivers a Memorial Day Message.

May 18, 2022

Disasters Don't Wait, Donate Blood Today

When a disaster strikes, blood is needed immediately, there is no time to wait for donations. Donate today, to prepare for tomorrow. Find where you can donate blood through the Armed Services Blood Program. One donation can save up to 3 lives. https://www.militaryblood.dod.mil/

May 10, 2022

What is the TRICARE Childbirth and Breastfeeding Support Demonstration?

Are you an expecting parent? Are you thinking of having a child? TRICARE is now providing more options to those who are planning to expand their family through the childbirth and breastfeeding benefits under the Childbirth and Breastfeeding Support Demonstration (CBSD). Learn more https://www.tricare.mil/cbsd.

May 9, 2022

How to File a Pharmacy Claim

Depending on where you pick up your prescription, you may need to file a claim to get reimbursed. Visit www.tricare.mil/PharmacyClaims to find the claims submission form and where you need to submit it.

May 5, 2022

Lt. Gen. Place Addresses Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention

Lt. Gen. Ron Place, DHA Director, talks about the importance of speaking up against sexual assault and his zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual assault in DHA workplaces and our hospitals and clinics.

May 3, 2022

MHS Minute | April 2022

The MHS Minute highlights some of the outstanding work taking place across the Military Health System, including major milestones, events, notable activities, and much more. Help us get the word out about all of the unique, meaningful, and fascinating work taking place across the MHS by watching and sharing the video, which you can download from DVIDs here. This month’s topic is mental health awareness. Check out the entire playlist here.

April 28, 2022

TRICARE QLE Knowledge | Retiring from Active Duty

When you retire, your TRICARE options will change and you’ll need to take action. Learn more at www.tricare.mil/retiring.

April 27, 2022

TRICARE QLE Knowledge | Getting Divorced

Divorce is tough. It’s also a TRICARE Qualifying Life Event. Learn more at www.tricare.mil/lifeevents.

April 26, 2022

TRICARE QLE Knowledge | Getting Divorced, Former Spouses

Former spouses may have continuing health care options after divorce. Learn more at www.tricare.mil/formerspouses.

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