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After a Disaster

Here are a few items to consider after a crisis to make sure your health care needs are met.

Check your identification (ID) and enrollment cards

You must have a valid uniformed services ID card to get care or have prescriptions filled. If your ID card was lost, visit the nearest ID card office to have another ID card issued. If enrolled in any TRICARE health plan (i.e., TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Prime Remote, TRICARE Reserve Select) and your enrollment card was lost, call your regional contractor.

Follow appropriate referral and authorization procedures

Many times during a disaster, especially if mass evacuations are in place, TRICARE will issue blanket referrals and authorizations for care to ease the process during a time of crisis. Once this period ends, you'll need to follow appropriate referral and authorization procedures for your health plan option to avoid unnecessary out of pocket costs.

Transfer your enrollment if you move

If you are enrolled in a Prime option and you decide to relocate after an evacuation, be sure to transfer your enrollment or find a new provider. 

Make sure you pay fees and premiums

If you are required to pay an enrollment fee or monthly premium for your health care option, make sure you continue to pay the fee or premium on time to avoid disenrollment.

File claims in a timely manner

If you receive care during a time of crisis and you pay out-of-pocket for the care, you may need to file your own health care claims with TRICARE for reimbursement. 

Keep copies of your medical records

If you have a personal copy of your medical records, along with copies of X-rays and other important medical documents, keep them with you so new providers can understand your health care needs.

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