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News | Nov. 20, 2023

Does TRICARE Open Season Apply to Me?

By TRICARE Communications

TRICARE Open Season is here. Now through Dec. 12, most people enrolled in or eligible for TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Select can make enrollment changes for next year. Open season doesn’t apply to
everyone who uses TRICARE.
“Open season is for active duty family members and many retirees and their family members. It’s also for anyone else who’s eligible for TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Select, except active duty service members,” said Shane Pham, a program analyst with TRICARE Policy and Programs at the Defense Health Agency. “TRICARE Open Season isn’t for you if you’re eligible for TRICARE For Life or a TRICARE premium-based plan.”
You may also be eligible to enroll in or change your dental and vision coverage during Federal Benefits Open Season.
Read on to learn which open seasons apply to you.
Q: Does TRICARE Open Season apply to me? 
A: TRICARE Open Season applies to you if you’re eligible for any of these plans:
Q: Who can’t participate in TRICARE Open Season?
A: Open season it doesn’t apply to: If you’re eligible, you may purchase premium-based plans at any time.
Q: Does Federal Benefits Open Season apply to me?
A: Yes, if you’re eligible for dental or vision coverage through the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP). Your eligibility is based on your beneficiary type. FEDVIP dental and vision plans are separate. You must have coverage in a TRICARE health plan to purchase FEDVIP vision coverage.
FEDVIP dental and vision coverage:
  • Retired service members and family members. This includes retirees and family members with TFL.
  • Retired National Guard and Reserve members and their family members
FEDVIP vision coverage only:
  • Active duty family members (ADFMs)
  • National Guard and Reserve members and their family members
ADFMs and National Guard and Reserve members and their family members aren’t eligible for FEDVIP dental coverage, as outlined in the TRICARE Dental Options Fact Sheet. But you may be eligible to purchase TRICARE Dental Program coverage.

Certain others may also be eligible for FEDVIP coverage. Go to to see if you’re eligible, purchase coverage, and learn more.
Federal Benefits Open Season may be your only chance to purchase FEDVIP coverage for 2024. This year’s Federal Benefits Open Season runs through Monday, Dec. 11. This is one day before TRICARE Open Season ends.
Now is the time to make sure you get the TRICARE coverage you and your family need for next year. Go to TRICARE Open Season to learn more about your eligibility, how to enroll or change your health plan, and more.
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